IP Lookup


IP Lookup API

A simple and reliable API for IP address information

Getting started

To start using the IP Lookup API, you will need to sign up for an API key. Once you have an API key, you can make API requests by sending a GET request to the following URL:


Replace {ip_address} with the IP address you want to lookup, and replace {api_key} with your API key.

Response format

The API will return a JSON object with the following information:

  • ip - The IP address that was looked up
  • asn - The Autonomous System Number (ASN) associated with the IP address
  • isp - The Internet Service Provider (ISP) associated with the IP address
  • countryCode - The two-letter country code of the IP address
  • countryName - The full name of the country of the IP address
  • block - 0 for residential or business IP, 1 for non-residential IP (hosting provider, proxy, etc.), 2 for both non-residential and residential IP


Our API pricing is based on the number of monthly API requests. You can view our pricing plans and sign up for an API key on our pricing page.

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